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“Where is Jumby Bay?” It’s always the first question I’m asked and honestly, there’s a selfish part of me that hesitates a moment, wanting to keep this private island paradise all to myself. Of course that’s ridiculous because as a travel writer it’s my job to scour the world (30+ countries so far) and not only uncover, but “share” the best kept vacation secrets and believe me, Jumby Bay, A Rosewood Resort is one of those rare finds.

So here you go! Jumby Bay is just two miles off the northeastern coast of the island of Antigua in the West Indies. Part of Jumby’s charm is it’s only accessible by boat and with only 40 luxury suites, 12 villas and hand full of ultra-exclusive estate homes Jumby truly is a secluded hideaway.

I fell under Jumby’s spell after visiting in 2006 while doing research on some of the top resorts in the Caribbean and for my book Travel Therapy: Where Do You Need to Go?

I’ve seen more than my share of stunning sugar sand beaches and exotic properties but Jumby is in a different class, seamlessly blending an intimate award-winning resort with multi-million dollar vacation homes.

Adding to the appeal is the island’s unique history of once being an ancient coral reef originally discovered by Christopher Columbus in 1493. The property started off as a sugar mill and after a series of owners, Homer Williams decided to build an exclusive 12 room resort. Some of the guests who visited loved it so much they decided to build their own luxury home on the island and by the mid 90’s the resort expanded to 39 rooms.

Then a small group of Jumby Bay homeowners decided to buy the entire island to protect the island from becoming overpopulated and preserve the secluded feeling. Then in 2001, the homeowners hired Rosewood Hotels & Resorts to manage the resort with the focus of keeping Jumby Bay at the top of its class.

There are so many exciting things happening right now at Jumby Bay this blog was created to keep up on all the latest news and give an exclusive insider look at why Jumby Bay is one of the top rated resorts in the world and where this property is going in the future.

Guests and staff this blog is for you so please share any stories and news you might have. Looking forward to hearing from you all! 


*Jumbybayblog.com creator/writer Karen Schaler is a three-time Emmy award-winning travel writer and author of the new book TRAVEL THERAPY: WHERE DO YOU NEED TO GO? and editor of www.traveltherapytrips.com

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