Mar 26 2008

Master Suite Harbor Villas


Ah, now here’s a bedroom where you can totally relax…

This master suite inside one of Jumby Bay’s 12 Harbor Villas is decorated in the classy Caribbean chic style Jumby is so famous for. Featuring luxury linens and a soothing color palate this room exemplifies the warm and inviting feel you’ll find throughout the villa.

I believe these villas show off what Jumby does best in creating an ultra luxurious environment without the pretense. In the Harbor Villas you instantly feel like you’re at home and there’s comfort in knowing this is someplace where you can curl up on the couch or poolside with a good book and truly feel like you’re on vacation.

Speaking of poolside, each villa has its own private plunge pool. More on that and how much it is to rent one of the fantastic Harbor Villas coming up!


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