Mar 24 2008

Harbor Villas


One of the wonderful things about staying at Jumby Bay Resort is how you have several choices when it comes to accommodations depending on how much you want to splurge! If you want a true taste of owning your own slice of paradise a fabulous find are the Harbor Villas. This photograph pretty much says it, as all the views from these villas are breathtaking because each one is set up right on the beach to take advantage of the spectacular scenery.  There are a total of 12 luxury villas on Jumby Bay’s private 300 acres and the villas take up about a third of the island. Each villa has recently been refurbished and upgraded from top to bottom so you can enjoy the ultimate Caribbean experience.

There’s talk of keeping these villas open during the renovation, although it would be a challenge if all the restaurants were shut down, etc, but then you could always have food brought over to the island giving you a truly private experience, the ultimate hideaway! As soon as I find out more I’ll share it here. 

Coming up this week a look inside these exclusive villas at Jumby Bay and we’ll check out the pool situation. Apparently each villa has its own private plunge pool!

Much more coming soon…  

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