Mar 20 2008

Jumby’s Bicycles


Since the last post was all about the unlimited access you have to Jumby Bay’s delicious signature cocktails, I figured it was the perfect time to mention there are no cars on Jumby Bay, so if you want to get around on this exclusive private island the most popular way is by bicycle! Talk about “Green” friendly!  

When you arrive at Jumby Bay one of the first things you’ll notice is a couple of bicycles outside your door, they’re yours to use for your vacation. These are your traditional, classic beach bikes with cute baskets on the front to hold all your goodies. Of course I was curious about how long it would take to bike around the entire island, so after adjusting the seat, slapping on a hat and sunscreen and grabbing some bottled water I set off on my quest. I had forgotten how peaceful it is to ride a bike when you don’t have to worry about traffic!


The view all the way around the island is amazing, but for this trip I didn’t want to stop so I would know how long this journey would take. About 20 minutes. That’s it! How cool is that!


Don’t worry, if you’re all dressed up and headed out for special evening, or just feeling too relaxed to peddle, don’t work you can always call for a pickup in a golf cart. You might even spot some of the homeowner’s carts as some of the carts are super chic.


Having bicycles at Jumby Bay is just part of the charm of this special island paradise. It’s the perfect way to do some sightseeing around the island and to exercise off some of those calories after sampling some of Jumby’s amazing cuisine!


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