Mar 16 2011

Jumby Bay Featured on ABC Travel Show


You have to see this! Jumby Bay, a Rosewood Resort is featured on ABC’s new national travel show hosted by Emmy award-winning host Karen Schaler.

The new ABC Travel Show is called Travel Now and features “Best of” travel topics.

The show Jumby Bay is featured in is called “Best of Relaxing Vacations” with the focus on how to de-stress and unwind during the hectic tax season. Jumby Bay is certainly the place to do that!

Host of ABC’s travel show, Karen Schaler,  who is also author of TRAVEL THERAPY: Where do you  need to go?, came to Jumby Bay and shot, produced and reported the special five-minute spotlight piece on her own.

Who knew that little FLIP camera she was carrying around would produce such magical shots of Jumby Bay.

Check this out..but this video comes with a warning…watch it and you’ll want to pack your bags and hop on a plane immediately!

 CLick this link and about two minutes in, after the piece on the Carlton Hotel you’ll see the amazing Jumby Bay spotlight!

CLICK HERE:  Jumby Bay on ABC Travel Show

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