Mar 01 2011

Country Music Star Marrys at Jumby Bay!

Photo By: Joe Buissink

Talk about a way to say “I do” country music star and television personality Kellie Pickler picks Jumby Bay, a Rosewood Resort for her perfect wedding day!

You probably remember Kellie, the beautiful bubbly blonde, from American Idol. She didn’t win her season but she did launch a fabulous  music career that includes almost two dozen hits!

Kellie says she was planning to get married in the States, had everything planned down to the cake being ordered, but at the last minute decided she needed to do something different. So, she grabbed her handsome honey, Kyle Jacobs, and headed for the Caribbean and Jumby Bay, a Rosewood resort.

She has shared how she had no plans of what she was going to do for a wedding after arriving in the Caribbean but that she had faith it would all work out and boy, did it!

The couple exchanged vows on the beach at sunset and then the two enjoyed their honeymoon at Jumby Bay before Kellie headed off to the Persian Gulf to entertain the troops as part of a USO tour.

We’re hoping Kellie will return soon to make even more special memories at Jumby Bay!

Congratulations Kellie and Kyle!

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