Feb 25 2008

All-Inclusive Luxury


One of the most magnificent features about staying at Jumby Bay is that it’s all inclusive. That’s right, once you’re on the island everything, down to the delicious signature cocktails are included!  When I first heard Jumby Bay was all-inclusive I was skeptical. Usually when I think of all-inclusive vacations cheap buffets and water downed drinks come to mind, but Jumby Bay has completely changed my thought process by elevating the all-inclusive vacation option to an incredibly luxurious experience.

It only takes a few minutes once you arrive at Jumby Bay for the staff to know your name so everything you do, from fine dining to sipping signature cocktails is included where you don’t have to sign anything, you can just sit back and relax.Exactly what does “all-inclusive” include?  Here’s a list of just some of the amenities that come with unbelievable Jumby Bay vacation.*Luxurious Suite, Villa or Estate Home

*All meals-including 24-hour in-room service

*Beverages, Cocktails

*Non motorized water sports

* Tennis, hiking and biking

* Fitness Center with Pilates classes twice a week

*Personally stocked mini-bar with all of your favorites

*Business Center with internet, phone and fax machines

*Laundry service

Usually my biggest problem with all-inclusive vacations is the food, but at Jumby Bay you have several fantastic dining options featuring award-winning gourmet cuisine. More on that coming up…


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