Dec 17 2010

New Jumby Spa Treatment

Okay, we’re getting ready to start a new year and what better way to celebrate 2011 than with one of Jumby Bay’s, a Rosewood Resort, new spa treatments!

If you haven’t been to Jumby Bay since it reopened one of the first things you’ll notice, besides the new cool infinity pool, is Jumby’s new Sense Spa, the spa first on this private island paradise.

What makes this spa truly special is that from every room you have a view of the Caribbean, something truly special for a Caribbean spa. You’d be surprised how many island spas don’t offer up a view or take advantage of their beautiful settings. But Jumby Bay totally got it right and this petite spa is as relaxing as it gets.

A great way to start off your new year is with the West Indies Signature Massage. For this 90-minute massage you start off showing your therapist areas of your body where you’re holding the most stress and your therapist will customize the massage to fit your needs whether you want deep tissue or Swedish or something in between. Then you choose the essential oils that you would like used on your body based on their smell and their therapeutic powers.

A top oil choice is called Neem, an oil that comes from the Neem tree that’s found on Jumby Bay and is known for its healing powers. It has a light, fresh scent that is soothing without being too strong or overpowering.

Stay tuned for more about Jumby Bay’s new Sense Spa and new treatments that are being offered in 2011.

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