Sep 24 2010

Jumby Bay New Cuisine!


Mouthwatering! Inspired! Delicious! All adjectives that instantly come to mind as soon as you sample some of Jumby Bay’s new incredible cuisine. Part of Jumby Bay’s multi-million dollar refresh included totally spicing up this private island escape’s culinary options. What’s on the menu is key when you’re on a private, secluded island with no other real dining options.  

One of the first things you’ll notice is the new Verandah Restaurant. The Verandah is the crossroads of Jumby Bay Island, the unofficial clubhouse and hub of the resort.

The newly built Verandah Restaurant is an inspired setting for relaxed-yet-elegant dining. This is also where you’ll be able to sign up for one of the new Jumby Bay Culinary Experiences, a schedule of hands-on gastronomic classes that are being held by Chef Loza and local Antiguan Chefs in the new display kitchen.


The new Verandah Bar and accompanying lounge areas are also fantastic, facing the sea, creating an air of casual beach chic under cooling ceiling fans.


The Verandah Kitchen is yet another unique dining experience where up to eight guests an enjoy a secluded chef’s table. In the Verandah Kitchen you’ll have your own personal chef on hand to describe various ingredients used for the dishes being prepared as well as a personal sommelier to recommend wines to compliment the courses being served.

Are you hungry yet?

For more what Jumby Bay is serving up be sure to check out the website at and follow Jumby Bay on Twitter.

Jumby Bay Twitter: up, a look at more Jumby Bay dining options you won’t want to miss!  

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