Sep 03 2010

Jumby’s Top Caribbean Beaches!


On this Labor Day Weekend, as the fall approaches, it’s a perfect time for reflection and gathering up all your energy for the holiday season that’s just around the corner and what better place to plan your holidays than Jumby Bay, A Rosewood Resort on a beautiful 300 acre private island in the Caribbean.

As promised these next few blog posts are going to share some fabulous new photos from the property to show you how Jumby Bay has gone even more luxurious while still keeping that classy, comfortable vibe it’s so famous for.

Here are a few favorite shots that just show how peaceful and perfect Jumby Bay beaches can be.

a-jumby-hammock-3.jpg  a-jumby-bay-beach-2.jpg

Are you ready to pack your bags?

 For the latest winter specials be sure to go to Jumby Bay’s website at

Coming up…a look at Jumby Bay’s new incredible infinity pool! Also be sure to follow the lastest Jumby Bay news on Twitter at: Jumby Bay Twitter:  

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