Apr 12 2010

Jumby Bay Social Media


In this era where millions of travelers are using the internet as their number one choice to research their next vacation, Jumby Bay, A Rosewood Resort knows the importance of social media and making sure updated information about specials and unique finds are constantly available to savvy travelers.

One of the best places you can find information about the property is on Jumby Bay’s beautiful website at www.jumbybayresort.com.

 One of the website’s highlights is that you can check out the exclusive Estate Homes on Jumby Bay just by clicking a few links.

You can also access Jumby Bay’s latest newsletter called the Jumby Journal, a classy, colorful journal giving insight to everything Jumby from special profiles of the staff to yummy cocktail recipes.

You can also get your Jumby Bay on Twitter under “Jumbybay”.  This is a great way to stay on top of all that’s going on and to ask any questions you might have.

Jumby Bay also has a Facebook page so be sure to a “friend” and follow along!


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