Feb 20 2010

Jumby to Go


Jumby Bay, A Rosewood Resort is always staying on the cutting edge when it comes to customer service and now this award-winning private island resort is offering yet another way to make sure guests are taken care of around the clock and even when they aren’t at the resort! 

It’s called “Jumby to Go” for guests who are finally ready to leave the island. With Jumby on the Go guests are now able to take the tantalizing tastes of Jumby Bay home with so they won’t have to suffer airline food or be stuck traveling with nothing to eat.  Not only is this to go meal incredibly thoughtful it’s also a smart way to make sure guests not only stay happy and healthy during their travels but continue to appreciate Jumby Bay even when off the island.

The new gourmet “Fly-Away” meals are packaged in an insulated, easy to carry bag with a shoulder strap and there’s a special menu you get to pick from so you’re feasting on what you love best.So whether you’re flying on a commercial carrier or by private plane you can now be sure to enjoy one more quality Jumby Bay meal as you journey home!Safe travels!For more: www.jumbybayresort.comFollow the journey on Twitter: www.twitter/jumbybay 

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