Oct 08 2009

New Estate Homes


If you’re looking for that ultimate private island escape a fantastic choice is checking out one of Jumby Bay’s new private Estate Homes!Staying in one of these world-class luxurious homes is an experience you’ll never forget and now a limited number of new Estate Homes have just been constructed, adding to the portfolio of an existing 31 homes.

Every home on the island is wholly owned by its residents, meaning that each master plan is designed with the individual homeowner in mind to make sure the experience at Jumby Bay is the best in the world.

Estate Homes vary in design and layouts with key selling points that include ocean-front views, multiple acreage with stunning landscape, full staff, five to six spacious bedrooms and gorgeous private swimming pools.

Jumby Bay’s most discerning and private guests appreciate the option of exclusive and private home living while still enjoying the world-renowned services and social environment that Jumby Bay is famous for.

The Estate Homes are situated on spacious and beautiful appointed grounds, teeming with bougainvillea and offer stunning views of the crystalline waters of the Caribbean.Each Jumby Bay Estate Home is fully staffed with a private chef and full time housekeeping and many also have a butler and house manager.Don’t you deserve the best?

At  Jumby Bay Resort you’ll find a slice of paradise like no other!

For more: www.jumbybayresort.com


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