Sep 25 2009

Jumby’s 16 Villas Enchanced!


Part of Jumby Bay’s $28 million dollar expansion includes Jumby Bay Resort’s 16 villas also getting an impressive transformation. Here’s what you’ll find now.

All of Jumby Bay’s villas are situated by the sea and are gated with impressive over –scaled wood doors or old world iron mongers. The landscape around the villas underwent an enhancement during the renovation so now more than ever you feel like you’re tucked away in your own secret paradise.

 Inside the Villas you’ll find vaulted ceilings and arched clerestory windows that helps create an open, breezy atmosphere.  

The interiors are inspired by romantic British Colonial style and each villa is decorated with elegant furnishings and features an oversized living and dining areas, kitchen, TV’s and DVD players, spacious bathrooms, an outdoor dining area and your own private pool.  

Each villa is different, featuring 2-4 bedrooms, but all give you that quiet, getaway feeling that helps you relax and rejuvenate.

For more on what each private villa has to offer you can go to

Stay tuned for more about the different villas coming up on this Jumby Bay Blog where we’ll also have new pictures to show post-renovation!


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