Sep 18 2009

Jumby Bay’s New Decor!


With the award-winning Jumby Bay Resort about to re-open after a 28 million dollar renewal there’s a lot of buzz right now about what the “new” Jumby Bay is going to look like. So here’s a sneak peek!

The folks at Jumby Bay Resort say from the start, the plan with the renovation was to keep what makes Jumby Bay so special and to continue to exceed guest expectations.

 During the renovation process, inspiration was drawn from Jumby Bay’s beautiful natural surroundings. The resort embodies good taste, simple sophistication, casual elegance and a sense of calm that make is the perfect private islands escape.

The color palettes chosen were influenced by the Caribbean Sea, with tones of blue ranging from soft aqua to turquoise and vibrant marine blues. Coral reefs and sand further inspired the accent colors to reflect the reef marine life.

You’ll also notice the frequent use of the pineapple throughout the resort that portrays the traditional Caribbean symbol of  “Welcome” .

More about what you can expect to see at the new Jumby Bay coming up!


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