Sep 11 2009

Villa Rentals for the Holidays!


If you’re trying to decide some place special to go this year to celebrate the holidays with your family you’ll want to check out the exclusive villa rentals at Jumby Bay!What’s so magical about Jumby Bay Resort is the choices you have when it comes to where to stay on this top rated private island paradise. From beautiful Oceanside suites to exclusive villas and estate homes, Jumby Bay has you covered.

At Jumby Bay you’ll find 16 villas. Each one is beautifully landscape and exquisitely decorated with its own private pools. Even the pools are different!

You’ll find villas with two, three and four bedrooms so there’s something for everyone and when you decide to stay in one of Jumby Bay’s villas you have full access to the Jumby’s world-renounced facilities and services.

Stay tuned for more details about the different villas you can rent at Jumby Bay.

***Jumby Bay Resort re-opens this winter after a multi-million dollar renovation so a lot is happening at this award-winning property!   

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