Aug 23 2009

Jumby’s Cooking School


You have to love it when you find out Jumby Bay has something new cooking and this time everyone’s welcome in the kitchen!I’m talking about Jumby Bay Resort’s new cooking school that Jumby will unveil when this private island paradise re-opens this November 1!You’ll find this new fun offering at the new Verandah Restaurant that is being transformed into the social hub of the resort. The new open-air Verandah Restaurant has a relaxed yet still elegant feel where you can cook up some fantastic creations right by the beach.

These authentic, hands on gastronomic classes will happen right in the kitchen under the guidance of the Executive Chef.After creating some Caribbean cuisine you can relax at the newly designed Verandah Bar and lounge area that faces the sea.Coming up… a look at another new dining option and Jumby Bay, The Kitchen!For more on Jumby Bay Resort follow along on Twitter at

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