Jul 01 2009

Guests Share Jumby Memories!


As we get closer to Jumby Bay Resort’s exciting re-opening this November, loyal Jumby guests are coming forward sharing what they love so much about the property. The stories are genuine and heartfelt and we’re sharing them here to help give you a feel for what our private island paradise is all about! Our latest guest letter starts with…

Jumby Bay Guest’s Letter

I opened the Rosewood email today and decided to look at Jumby Bay.  I  
began to think of the one and only time we visited, which was for my  
50th birthday.  I was just thinking about how long ago that was and
how did the years fly that quickly????  It will be 6 years ago this  
November.   I have so many wonderful and some really funny memories of  
our trip.  We arrived with 2 other couples and no one had been to  
Jumby Bay before.

We had visited other Starwood properties, and loved them so  
knew we would love Jumby Bay.   We began our trip over with quite a  
few Rum Punch refills and anticipation of a fun filled week.  My  
husband, Al, and I and one other couple booked a 2BR villa with a  
private pool and had a fabulous stay.

My first really funny memory is of my birthday cake at the  
restaurant.  My husband and our friends talked to the staff and they  
planned to bring it out with candles for a surprise at the end of our  
meal.  The little cake was presented flaming with candles and a  
beautifully written chocolate message on the plate.  The only glitch  
and the biggest surprise was that the message said  “Happy Birthday,  
Carolyn” and my name is Jackie!  We all exploded in laughter and  
wondered if Carolyn received Happy Birthday, Jackie???  For every  
birthday since, “Happy Birthday, Carolyn” has been a part of my  
celebration!  I have the funniest picture of my H. B. C. cake.

Our next favorite memory and story is the airport strike which took  
place the day before my husband and I were scheduled to depart.  Our  
friends left a couple of days before and we planned to stay two more  

The staff called and let us know about the strike and promised to keep  
us posted.  Of course all rooms were fully booked for the next few  
nights but since no one could fly in we had no problem keeping our room
for the next few days.  We laugh and say it is the best, stranded on  
an island, story, ever!   Everyone who was stranded bonded while  
discussing, when we could fly home, and we met several other couples  
and took day trips into Antigua.

Every morning at breakfast we talked quite a bit to  
Nathan??, whose father worked in the real estate office for Jumby  
Bay.  Through Nathan we have since, always been able to secure  
reservations at Gramercy Tavern in NYC because his sister works  
there!  I also arrived home with a few extra pounds, thanks to Eggs  
Benedict EVERY morning.  At the time we visited all meals were  
included so I was “forced” to eat every meal!

We also loved our wake-up knock on the door late one night to throw on  
clothes and run to the beach to see a sea turtle building her nest.  
We had just arrived in from our nightly after dinner visit to the  
cigar bar for our husbands to have a scotch and favorite cigar.  We  
all ran quickly down to the beach just in time to watch the sea turtle  
dig her nest and settle in to lay her eggs.  What a fun ending to  
another great night in Jumby Bay!

The staff was so wonderful and friendly, they knew our names and made  
us feel so welcomed.  Needless to say I hope to return for another  
birthday celebration at some time and of course for my “Happy  
Birthday Carolyn” cake!

I didn’t realize you had closed for updates, so that will be something  
to look forward to when we return, and hopefully another airport  
strike!!!!! I am sure it was a huge problem for most everyone, but  
it was an unexpected extension to a fabulous and memorable 50th  
birthday trip!  Can’t wait to repeat the trip some November 7!


New Jersey, USA   

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