Jun 15 2009


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When you first met Andrew Taylor, Jumby Bay’s new pastry chef, the first thing you’ll probably notice about him, besides the fact that he’s outgoing and charming, is that he’s in great shape, dare I say even thin? Not exactly what you would expect from a leading pastry chef! So here’s the story… While it’s Andrew’s passion to make some of the most amazing and inspiring desserts I’ve ever seen he’ll quickly tell you he doesn’t really like eating sweets. Seriously!     

Andrew quickly explains that while he doesn’t indulge in sweets all the time that doesn’t mean he doesn’t love desserts, he just prefers creating them over gobbling them down.       

Originally, from England Andrew says he’s excited about this new era for Jumby Bay Resort where quality and inspiring cuisine is front and center. When the resort officially re-opens in novemeber he plans to use as many local ingredients from the Caribbean as he can, like coconuts and bananas. He also looks for ways to use soursops, a native fruit in the West Indies, when creating his unique delicacies that include fresh fruit infused tarts, mousses, custards, cakes and cookies.     

One thing that’s special about Andrew’s desserts is that they are a piece of art, almost too beautiful to eat!   “Your taste begins with your eyes,” Andrew says, “so it needs to be visually delicious to get you in the mood for what your taste buds are about to experience.”       

One of Andrew’s signature deserts you don’t want to miss is his Chocolate Sampler Soufflé with White Chocolate Sorbet. This delicate, rich and creamy combination melts in your mouth and is pure bliss, it is worth every single sinful calorie and after all, you are on vacation!      

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