May 22 2009

Jumby Bay: More Pools than People!


Okay, so maybe saying Jumby Bay has more pools than people isn’t exactly always true, but let me tell you it’s pretty close! Because every single estate home and villa on this private island paradise has its own pool.  How cool is that? Plus, we’re not just talking about any ordinary pools here!

The private pools you’ll find on Jumby Bay are breathtakingly beautiful!  The last time I visited the island a few weeks ago I got a chance to get a sneak peek of some of the most fantastic private pools. I was so inspired we videotaped the pools and we will be putting together a special video clip that we’ll post on this Jumby Bay Blog so you can also check out these sensational stunners! Even better, many of the private estate home and villas are for rent so you can also enjoy these awesome pools!

Some of my favorite pools on Jumby Bay are the pools that almost seem to spill into the Caribbean, they were so close to the beach. Of course outdoor living and entertaining is a huge part of the Jumby Bay’s lifestyle so many of the pools you’ll find at the estate homes and villas are set up as a focal point and gathering place.

Another bonus, right now Jumby Bay is building a second resort pool for guests. While the original pool is tucked away, surrounded by lush foliage, this new second pool will be an infinity pool that’s so close to the water you can hear the waves lapping against the beach. Stay tuned for more photos as Jumby Bay gets ready to unveil its new resort this winter!  For more: 

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