May 13 2009

Chill Out Jumby Style!


As we head into those sultry summer months, it’s going to get pretty steamy on Jumby Bay but Jumby staff like Ashakee are standing by at Jumby’s beach bar to make sure you stay refreshed and inspired!

One of Jumby Bay’s most popular signature tropical cocktails is the Cool Me Off and the drink more than lives up to its name! The Cool Me Off is the perfect prescription to help you relax when you’re lounging on the beach and feeling a bit parched.

 Of course Jumby’s staff is constantly coming by with ice cold bottled water and other goodies to help keep you energized and hydrated but every once in awhile you want a little something to celebrate with and the Cool Me Off is a great choice because it’s light and refreshing, like dipping your toes into the turquoise Caribbean.

Ashakee, whose name means “beautiful”, was kind enough to share the recipe with me when I was last at the beach bar so I wanted to add it to the Jumby Bay Blog in case you’re feeling inspired at home and want to give it a try. It goes without saying the Cool Me Off is best when you’re sipping it and taking in an amazing Jumby Bay sunset.


Cool  Me Off

1 ½ shot Gin

½ shot Bello Passion Fruit Syrup

1 ½ shot of Ting (grapefruit soda)Club Soda

Pour all ingredients into a tall glass filled with ice starting with the gin, ting and then the passion fruit so it layers up just like a sunset. Top with some club soda.      

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