Apr 10 2009

Jumby Bay Sneak Peek!


WOW! is all I can say after spending the last week at Jumby Bay checking out all the exciting new changes tied into the resort’s multi-million dollar expansion and renovation project.  

Of course you’re always curious when a first-class, top-rated private island resort decides to close down for more than a year to spend millions and upgrade with new luxury amenities, especially in this economy!


Still, the changes I found at Jumby Bay Resort far surpassed what I expected. The new resort is going to be stunning and it was already pretty fantastic! I love this photo because this small dock is one of the first things you’ll see when you come to Jumby Bay by private boat and yes, the water really is this blue!


I had a tour all around the property and got an up-close look at what is planned for the new suites, spa, infinity edge pool, etc. 

I also had the pleasure of meeting the talented new head chef of the Estate House and the pastry chef who creates masterpieces that are almost too beautiful to eat…almost!  

Staying on the research trail I also got to sample some of the new signatures cocktails and get the recipes that I’ll share here on this Jumby Bay Blog so you can have a taste of Caribbean while you’re waiting to take your trip there.  

Cheers to that!  

I spent one afternoon touring some of the new spec homes being built on Jumby Bay that are adding to the already impressive collection of multi-million dollar estate homes. It’s amazing to think you can actually buy a home on this private island escape because only a few dozen properties are allowed to make sure Jumby Bay keeps its quiet, exclusive charm. 

I’ll be sharing all this exciting new information on the Jumby Bay Blog so stay tuned! These next few months leading up to Jumby Bay’s opening this winter are going to be spectacular!    

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