Mar 01 2009

New Jumby Staff


When Jumby Bay Resorts re-opens this winter, after a multi-million dollar renovation, you’ll see some new faces on staff!  

When this private island paradise closed its main resort for the renovation only a small percentage of Jumby Bay’s original staff was kept on to help with the transition process.

Now that Jumby Bay is getting ready to re-open old and new staff members are being interviewed to make sure Jumby has the most amazing staff ever! 

One staff member who is coming back is Jumby Bay’s head housekeeper Wendy Hendrickson. If you’ve been following the last few posts you’ve read about Wendy going to N YC to train at Rosewood’s prestigious Carlyle Hotel and then bring back what she learned to Jumby Bay. 

Wendy says she’s excited about being back on Jumby Bay and showing guests what’s new and exciting on the island. 

“When it re-opens I want Jumby to blow everyone out of the water. I’m really glad to be part of it and I really want to help make the new Jumby the best resort ever.”


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