Feb 23 2009

Jumby’s Newly Trained Staff

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Now more from Jumby Bay’s head housekeeper, Wendy Hendrickson who shares what it was like to go from working at Jumby Bay to living and working in New York City!Wendy was selected by Rosewood Hotels and Resorts to work at Rosewood’s prestigious Carlyle Hotel and bring back what she learned to Jumby Bay.

We caught up with Hendrickson while she was training at the Carlyle.

Where you scared to come to New York City?

“Oh yes! I didn’t know what I would do without my family and friends. So at first I said I couldn’t do it, but then my boss convinced me it was a good opportunity and told me I could stay in the Carlyle and didn’t even have to go outside if I didn’t want to.”      

Wait? So you never went outside in New York?   

(Laughing) “No, not at first, I was too afraid and I had everything in the hotel I could want, so I didn’t need to go outside. I had a nice room, a well made bed, clean towels, good meals and I worked long hours so I didn’t need anything. But eventually I got curious so I started going out. Now I can go on subway by myself and it’s a really good feeling.”      

What did you learn from this experience?   “So much, this is going to help me apply myself and be more confident. I’m looking forward to take what I’ve learned at The Carlyle and use it back at Jumby. There’s good teamwork at The Carlyle and the rooms are inspected three times before a guest comes in. I’ve learned to pay more attention to the details and I can take that back to Jumby Bay and teach that to the staff there.”     

Wendy is now back at Jumby Bay getting ready for the resort’s big opening this winter.

More on that coming up…        

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