Feb 15 2009

Jumby’s Wendy Hendrickson

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When Jumby Bay closed last June for a major renovation there was one staff member who received a once in a lifetime offer!  

Jumby Bay’s head housekeeper, Wendy Hendrickson was selected by Rosewood Hotels and Resorts to live in Manhattan for four month and work at Rosewood’s prestigious Carlyle Hotel. The idea was Rosewood would pay Hendrickson’s way and in exchange Hendrickson would have the rare opportunity to live and work at one of the most well respected hotels in the country, and then take what she learned back to Jumby Bay.

We caught up with Hendrickson while she was training at the Carlyle and her beautiful smile was as wide and welcoming as ever. She had traded in her casual island uniform of a Jumby Bay polo shirt, pants and sandals, for a chic black suit and pumps. Hendrickson says she quickly found not only did she fit in at The Carlyle, she thrived! 

“So much, this is going to help me apply myself and be more confident. I’m looking forward to take what I’ve learned at The Carlyle and use it back at Jumby. There’s good teamwork at The Carlyle and the rooms are inspected three times before a guest comes in. I’ve learned to pay more attention to the details and I can take that back to Jumby Bay and teach that to the staff there,” says Hendrickson.  

Stay tuned for more of Wendy’s story!


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