Jan 23 2009

Valentine’s Day Escape


What is more romantic than sweeping your sweetie off to an exclusive private island for Valentine’s Day? Love the idea? Well, Jumby Bay is waiting for you. 

Even better, right now you can have Jumby Bay almost entirely to yourself because the main resort is closed for renovations. That means for your ultra exclusive romantic escape you can stay in one of Jumby Bay’s 12 luxe villas or go big and rent one Jumby’s private estate homes!

To get a great video look at what the estate homes have to offer you can go to Jumby Bay’s website at www.jumbybayresort.com and watch the different clips. Each home has its own feel and charm and of course some of the most stunning waterfront views in the Caribbean.  

No matter what you choose prepare for an amazing vacation you’ll never forget.

Cupid really knew what he was doing when he picked Jumby Bay as a top romantic destination!      

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