Dec 22 2008

Christmas At Jumby!


Ho! Ho! Ho! 

So do you think Santa knows how to find Jumby Bay? Of course he does, even though this award-winning private island escape us so fabulously hidden away in the Caribbean. 

When Santa was going down his list this year of who was naughty and who was nice Jumby Bay hit the “nice” jackpot so now the island is going to get all kinds of new goodies in 2009.

For starters the island’s primary resort is getting a super special facelift and will be open later in 2009. Estimated cost for the renovation project runs around $28 million so you know it’s going to be spectacular!  

A sneak peek of the plans shows Jumby Bay is getting a new oceanfront infinity pool and a luxury resort spa! WOW! Jumby Bay must have been VERY good, very good indeed. 

More to come! 

Happy Holidays!


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