Oct 03 2008

Landscaping Jumby Bay

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It’s a huge project to temporarily shut down an award-winning 5-star Caribbean resort to renovate and add on to the already luxurious property but it’s what goes on behind the scenes during this renovation process that’s truly amazing. 

When you think about renovation you usually think about the big picture, like tearing down building, etc. For Jumby Bay’s massive renovation project it’s no different except that every last detail down to the landscaping has to be taken into consideration.    Can you imagine moving hundreds of palm trees, palm trees that are valued between $1,000 and $5,000 a piece and taking care of them so they can eventually be replanted in the right place after the renovation?  Most people have trouble just keeping one houseplant alive!  

This landscape project is massive and to make it work you really need a green thumb!  The landscape crew is under Paul Richnow’s watchful eye and has already moved 20 year old Saman (Rain) trees and 250 plus year old Black Willow trees.

They key is knowing how each plant will take to the move and then protecting the plants so they are healthy and happy when they are replanted in their new home.    Jumby Bay’s landscape was fantastic before so it’s going to be exciting to see what these new changes will bring.


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