Sep 12 2008

Pond Bay House Renovation

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One of the first areas you’ll notice some major changes when you look at Jumby Bay’s new renovation project is around the Pond Bay House.Right after the last guest left the island on June, 6, 2008, when the resort officially closed the 28 rooms in and around Pond Bay House were dismantled.

All the furniture came out for a big sale. Six of the rooms were used during the sale and more than 95% of all the furniture and accessories were sold to resort and island staff. Even some local restaurants got in on the great deals.  Some select pieces of furniture were kept and are being stored until the resort re-opens. Those items include: plantation chairs, antique and mahogany furniture, artwork and some decorative items. 

It will be exciting to see what the new Pond Bay House area will look like when the resort reopens next year.   

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