Sep 05 2008

Renovation Design Team

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It’s always exciting when an award-winning property like Jumby Bay goes through a major transformation and expansion because you can only imagine  how spectacular the finished product is going to be! 

Since the Jumby Bay Resort was closed in June ( the villas and estate homes are still available to reserve) renovation work has been going on around the clock. Some old buildings are coming down and some new buildings are going up.

After going over the initial plans it turns out the building and location of the new spa has been changed up a bit and now there’s talk of combing two luxury rooms on the property into one big beautiful spa. We’ll have more to come on that.    

So what’s happening inside? 

The interior design team that’s running the show is MCM and the designers say the focus and feel is casual elegance, something that Jumby Bay has always been known for. 

Everyday progress is made so stay tuned for more details and some photographs of some of the work!       

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