Aug 30 2008

Labor of Love

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This Labor Day Weekend seems like the perfect time to give you an update on what’s happening on Jumby Bay with the massive restoration and expansion project. 

The resort closed down in June so design teams could fully concentrate on the project. The villas and private estate homes on Jumby Bay are still available to rent and this next year is a great time to take advantage of some great deals because you’ll practically have the entire island to yourself. 

Some new homes are also being built on Jumby Bay so if you’re looking for some fantastic private island property you won’t want to miss checking out some of these beauties. You can check this blog for details on each home that’s for sale.

As far as the renovation and expansion project goes so far all the hotel rooms have been emptied out and the furniture was sold to either home owners on the island or the staff.   One of the biggest projects is moving trees and shrubs to a temporary nursery where they can be taken care of while the building projects are going on. Then they will be moved back into place when the construction is done. There is a landscape crew dedicated to making sure everything is done correctly because it’s no easy task moving palm trees!

Coming up next week we’ll check in with the design team to see what’s going on and get a sneak peek at what we can expect the “new” Jumby Bay to look like!     

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