Aug 21 2008

Turtle Team Talks!

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On this Jumby Bay Blog we’ve been talking about Jumby’s new Turtle Team that’s taking over the the midnight patrols that must be done every night on the beach to keep an eye out for nesting turtles. It’s a huge commitment to do this job, because they patrol the beach through sunrise when most of us are sleeping, so I thought we should hear from the Turtle Team about what the experience is like. Here is their awesome story.


Jumby Bay Turtle Team 2008

The sun is already high in the sky, or may even be going over the horizon when life at the turtle house starts. We are brewing coffee and making breakfast when most of you are thinking about evening activities and dinner, but the best time to see a nesting turtle is at night so it is necessary to change our body clocks to the nocturnal life style.

The girls and ladies (turtles) have been coming up in numbers, keeping us busy all night every night and it is only with the emergence of our first documented nests that we realize how long we have been on the beach… 

It’s only logical to start with a story of Cassandra the Turtle. A couple of nights ago her first ever documented nest emerged; it was not a success to say the least; only 30 % of her eggs hatched.  Her prophecy of given life wasn’t as high as we had hoped.

Nevertheless, the following night, she came up and laid another 150 eggs; this was her fifth nest of her first laying season on Jumby Bay. Hopefully she will have many more, and with time and experience the hatch success should be on par with the beach average of 80%.

For more stories from the Jumby Bay Turtle Team you can CLICK HERE and if you have a question you’d  like to ask you can post it here and we’ll make sure they get it.       

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