Aug 13 2008

Jumby Bay Turtle Team

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Exciting news! Jumby Bay has a new Turtle Team. Okay, if you’re asking what exactly is a “Turtle Team” read on because this is one amazing “Green Friendly” program that’s giving back in so many ways.  

The Jumby Bay Hawksbill Project is set up to protect the Hawksbill Turtles that comes ashore every year and lays eggs on Jumby Bay. The program is also about studying these unique creatures and sharing the knowledge with the rest of the world.


The hope is that by educating people in the region and visitors who come to Jumby Bay the Hawksbill Turtles can thrive where right now they are almost extinct.  They are considered a “critically endangered species”.

So Jumby Bay has set up a special program where a “Turtle Team” patrols the beach at night keeping an eye on the turtles who have come up to nest and charts their progress. FroJune 15 to November 
h year, researchers collect data on the nesting behavior of the hawksbills,

It’s a huge commitment because the team has to patrol every hour between 8p.m. and Talk about your graveyard shift! 

We’ll have more from the Turtle Team coming up including their stories about what they’re seeing and experiencing. If you have any questions for Jumby Bay’s Turtle Team just leave them here and we’ll pass them on!    

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