Jul 03 2008

Buy a Luxury Caribbean Home


If you’re always wanted a chance to own a slice of paradise then you don’t want to miss a rare opportunity at Jumby Bay! 

Jumby Bay is one of the most exclusive islands in the Caribbean and besides an intimate boutique resort, that’s currently being renovated; there are 31 multi-million dollar estate homes on this 300-acre private island.

I’ve stayed in one of these amazing homes and have visited a dozen others and they are spectacular! Each home is unique and designed to fit the  owners taste and right now seven new homes are being built and 18 villas are also under construction.

If you’ve been looking for a place to buy in the Caribbean you’ll absolutely want to check out some of the available properties on Jumby Bay including what is being called Estate H1.

Estate H1 is 3.84 acres right on the beach and this two story 12,000 square feet estate home features six fantastic bedrooms. Four of the bedrooms are located in the main house and two are in the guest cottage just steps away.

When can you but this Caribbean beauty?

Building is set to start in October and be finished by Spring 2010. Here’s what makes owning on this island so special. Jumby  Bay is owned and governed by the homeowners themselves so if you buy on Jumby you have control over what happens to this luxurious escape.

Coming up… a  sneak peek at some of the other world-class properties that will be available for sale on Jumby Bay. 

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