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May 27 2009

Jumby Bay & Antigua


Usually the first thing people ask when they hear about the private island paradise of Jumby Bay is “where is it?” The easy answer is the Caribbean but if you want to get more specific, the best answer is that Jumby Bay is in the West Indies off of the island of Antigua. So what’s Antigua all about? Continue Reading »

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May 22 2009

Jumby Bay: More Pools than People!


Okay, so maybe saying Jumby Bay has more pools than people isn’t exactly always true, but let me tell you it’s pretty close! Because every single estate home and villa on this private island paradise has its own pool.  How cool is that? Plus, we’re not just talking about any ordinary pools here! Continue Reading »

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May 13 2009

Chill Out Jumby Style!


As we head into those sultry summer months, it’s going to get pretty steamy on Jumby Bay but Jumby staff like Ashakee are standing by at Jumby’s beach bar to make sure you stay refreshed and inspired! Continue Reading »

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